Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Shit You Read

But rather than taunting, I'd call what I'm referring to as emotional
button pushing.

There certainly is no place in a civilized game being played civilly among gentlemen for such egregious behavior as button pushing, or button pulling, or buttoning or unbuttoning for that matter.

I think there's a difference between trash talk/bravado and
intentionally destabilizing your opponent using the exact boundariless
system that allows you to get away with it in the first place.

You are, of course, talking about the current system that allows for intentional opponent destabilization. A system that is, effectively, without boundaries, and therefore boundary less, that is, without boundaries.

When you are allowed to tweak your opponent at an emotional level
without any fear of penalization, there is something seriously

You know, I can’t say that any of us should have to live our lives in fear of penilization, but maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, I am in no way in favor of emotional tweaking; the physical kind is so much more entertaining. Like when Moe tweaks Curly’s nose. Now that shit is funny.

You can defend Biscuit all you wand but anyone who played Double
Happiness knew those guys were the biggest group of dickheads on the
west coast and what they did went well beyond taunting and certainly
went well beyond cheating.

You had me right up to this point, because even as I agree that there’s no place in the game for button pushing or destabilization or a lack of adequate penalization, I can’t follow you to the place where Double Happiness are dickheads and taunters and cheaters. I mean, that had to be some really bad weed you were smoking, and life’s too short to smoke bad weed, or drink bad beer.